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Open a pio project,vscode always show" PlatformIO: Loading tasks... "

When I use vscode to open the esp32 project created by platform IO, loading tasks always appear under the vscode.How should I solve it?
the followiing picture show this problem.

We work on the PlatformIO IDE 3.0 for VSCode, it will have better explanations of the project configuration process.

The reason for this issue is a slow internet connection. PlatformIO downloads project dependencies. If you use a proxy, please disable it and restart VSCode.

Does it work now?

Thank you for your explanation.I completely uninstalled platform IO, and then someone else gave me the offline installation files, and then it ran perfectly.I guess it’s probably because the network connection is too slow in China.

Could you try to disable any proxies and download the following file? What is your download speed?

If I disable VPN, the download speed is infinitely close to zero.The following files,I could not download.

And how about for this link?

yes!But the download speed is too slow.
What is the file I downloaded for?