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No feedback in platformio's seiral monitor

When i use arduino, i open the serial monitor, and i can enter some text in the serial port, but today i used the platformio, i opened the serial monitor, and i want enter some words, but there was no feedback
I want to read a character through the serial port, but I can’t type anything in the serial port in Platformio, only CTRL + some function keys can be used. I just want to know how to input in serial port monitor :joy:

By defaults, character are not echoed back to you. Still, the characters are sent to your board. Use a monitor flag to enable that echoes back characters.

monitor_flags =

in the platformio.ini.

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First of all, thank you very much for your reply. It is possible to get a response in serial Monitor through the above line of code, but for example: When I type abcd, when I press Backspace, the cursor moves to the left, but abcd does not disappear. When I type 5678 again, abcd will be replaced by 5678. I wonder how to delete the input data directly after pressing backspace instead of simply moving the cursor

Every character is sent directly as you typed it. You can’t retract what you sent back – pressing the backspace key will send the DEL ASCII character value (0x7F) to the board. The Arduino will then have to catch that value and act accordingly.

The behavior might be different if you tell to only send things when you press enter.

monitor_filters = send_on_enter

(per docs)

Thank you. It’s been a big help