MBED TDBStore (init) very slow, better options

Hi All
I need some help / guidance with implementing TDBStore on my STM32. Building a data logger and for a test I’m storing a small packet about every 6 sec to my SB card.

My main problem is that every time I call int32_t result = tdbStoreObj.init(); it takes about 3.5sec to execute. I read somewhere that i should init and deinit each time I access the Store. But at 3.5sec per save it is just not possible.Can I just tdbStoreObj.init(); during my setup?

What are my other options.

My next question will be with 512b block size what is the best way to deal with this

Here is a short version of my code.

Date: 2 APR 2024

#include <SDMMCBlockDevice.h>
#include <TDBStore.h>
#include "MyStore.h"

char tdbsKeyChar; // This will hold the integer version of 'tdbsKey as an Char, i know its fucked!!!!!
uint32_t tdbsKey;                       // TDBStore key / Packet Counter
SDMMCBlockDevice sdBlockDevice;         // Create an SD block device
TDBStore tdbStoreObj(&sdBlockDevice);         // Create a key/value store on the SD

int tdbStoreSave(char* key, dlSdPacket* packet); // Store a SketchStats to the the k/v store
int initBlockDevice();
int sdSetUp();
int dlSavePacket(dlSdPacket* dataPacket();

int sdSetUp() {
    int result;
    TDBStore* tdbStoreObj = new TDBStore(&sdBlockDevice);
    result = initBlockDevice();
    if (result == 0) {
        //tdbsKeyIterator(tdbStoreObj, "tdbStore");
        //tdbsReset(tdbStoreObj, "tdbStore");
    return result;

/*!  Setup Save Packet to TDBStore
    @param  dataPacket    [in] Packet pointer
    @return               [out] in 0 = Good, or Error Codes
int dlSavePacket(dlSdPacket* dataPacket) {
    Serial.println("3 fsave, " + String((unsigned int)millis()));
    char  tdbsKeyChar[32] = {};
    sprintf(tdbsKeyChar, "%d", dataPacket->sdKey);

    //Open TDBStore break if an Error
    int32_t result = tdbStoreObj.init();
    if (result != MBED_SUCCESS) {
        ReportError(ERT_STORE, ERY_ERROR, "dlSavePacket", result, "Failed to 'tdbStoreObj.init()'", TRUE);
        return result;
    Serial.println("4 INIT, " + String((unsigned int)millis()));
    result = tdbStoreSave(tdbsKeyChar, &pakArray[pakIndex]);
    if (MBED_SUCCESS == result) {
        //Serial.println("\n\tTDBStore->set SUCCESS " );
        Serial.println("5 STORE, " + String((unsigned int)millis()));
    else {
        while (true);
        ReportError(ERT_STORE, ERY_ERROR, "dlSavePacket", result, "Failed Save to tdbStoreSave", TRUE);

        return result;

    result = tdbStoreObj.deinit();
    if (result != MBED_SUCCESS) {
        ReportError(ERT_STORE, ERY_ERROR, "dlSavePacket", result, "Failed to 'tdbStoreObj.deinit()'", TRUE);
    Serial.println("6 fSave exit, " + String((unsigned int)millis()));
    return result;

/*!  Save Packet to TDBStore
    @param  tdbsKey    [in] char Key for tdbStore Key
    @param  pakStoreSave    [pakIndex]   [in] packet Packet to be saved
    @return            [out] in 0 = Good, or Error Codes
int tdbStoreSave(char* key, dlSdPacket* pakStoreSave) {
    auto result = tdbStoreObj.set(key, reinterpret_cast<uint8_t*>(&pakStoreSave), sizeof(dlSdPacket), 0);
    return result;

// Intialise the Blocke device and get settings
int initBlockDevice() {
    if (0 != sdBlockDevice.init()) {    // Int the SD card
        Serial.println("SD Card 'init' failure");
        return -1;

    delay(1000); //  Wait for terminal to come up
    Serial.println("SD Card + TDBStore Test");
    srand(micros()); // Feed the RNG for later content generation

    Serial.println("Block device size: " + String((unsigned int)sdBlockDevice.size() / 1024.0 / 1024.0) + " MB");
    Serial.println("Readable block size: " + String((unsigned int)sdBlockDevice.get_read_size()) + " bytes");
    Serial.println("Programmable block size: " + String((unsigned int)sdBlockDevice.get_program_size()) + " bytes");
    Serial.println("Erasable block size: " + String((unsigned int)sdBlockDevice.get_erase_size()) + " KB");

    if (0 != sdBlockDevice.deinit()) {    // Int the SD card
        Serial.println("SD Card 'de-init' failure");
        return -1;

    return  0;

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