Making PlatformIO portable (or at least duplicatable to other machines)


Hi there. I’m using PlatformIO under VS Code and Windows.
Sometimes I want to develop on a PC which doesn’t have any internet connection.
Since VS Code working in portable mode I wanted to try to get all my libs and build-environments I’ve already installed on my PC at home to (esp, avr, stm etc).
So I followed the instructions from VS Code (extract zip create data, user-data and extensions). Without PlatformIO it is working just fine.
Than I copied all the contents of my %USERPROFILE%.platformio to user-data as whell as the extensions (including platformio.platformio-ide-1.2.0) to the extensions folder.
On the PC I installed Python 2.7 manually.
When I start VS Code PlatformIO tried to install but Failed with “Failed to install PlatformIO IDE.”
So after I took a look at the PCs User profile folder, it created a .platformio folder (even I put the original one in the user-data folder…)
Okay so I thought I try to copy my original .platformio to the targets PC User profile folder, so maybe platformio recognizes that it is already installed. But I got the same error. Then I tried to edit the .platformio\homestate.json file and corrected all paths to the new username. But it still fails.

Is there any way to get all my platformio stuff to a differnt machine to run without having to install everything over internet?


You can’t copy %USERPROFILE%\.platformio\penv and %USERPROFILE%\.platformio\python27 to another machine.

  1. Please install VSCode and PlatformIO IDE on another machine (you will need internet)
  2. Copy from %USERPROFILE%\.platformio “libs”, “platforms”, “packages”.


Unfortunately the machine doesn’t have any internet for security reasons


We plan to refactor an installation logic in PlatformIO Core 4.0. Please stay with us on for the further updates.


Hello Ivan, any news about the new installation logic? Right now VSCode is fully portable and it’s very easy to get the platformIO installation files wherever we want. But even after changing every path, changing “platformio-ide.useBuiltinPIOCore” and “platformio-ide.customPATH” and even reinstalling it multiple times, there is still something left that unables a fully portable IDE…

Could you please explain the right way to get everything in a custom folder easily (even better if it’s a relative path inside the portable data folder in VSCode) or let us know if the new installation logic would allow us to do that? Thanks and congratulations for your excellent work.