Log2file - How can log files be stored in user specific folder?


I am using log2file and am trying to store the log files to a specific folder.
Per default everything is stored in the root project folder. This is not convenient (too many log files)



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Thanks @maxgerhardt.

I wil make a note to file an issue as I believe it would be very valuable to be able to specify the folder in which the logs are stored (now I have to clear my project’s root folder often as there are so many logs :-))

I also believe o log folder definition can be useful. Maybe not too hard to implement.

Me too, this would be super helpful. The log files are great but they get in the way and a sub dir would be awesome.

Issued request: Log2file - Store log files in user specific folder · Issue #4596 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

Resolved in

Tested and working. Logs are written into logs fodler. Cannot specify folder myself but that is not a problem imho.

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