LDF Lib structure recognition (Boost Libs)

Hello out there,

I experience issues with LDF when using Boost Libraries (see GitHub - boostorg/preprocessor: Boost.org preprocessor module)

The content of the referenced repository is placed in <ProjectFolder>/imports/boost/preprocessor

In platformio.ini, lib_extra_dirs is set to imports and to imports/boost (I have tried both together and each of them separately). The problem is that the library does not get found by the LDF and does not appear in the library dependency tree.
When I add imports/boost/preprocessor to platformio.ini the lib is found, but that is contraire to the docs.

I have quick fixed the issue by adding build_flags -I imports/boost/preprocessor/include to platformio.ini but I’d like to go the recommended way. I have also tried to place a library.json file in the imports/boost/preprocessor folder but the lib remains not found by LDF.

Do you have any hint for me to get this working?

The right solution is to create library.json and explain PlatformIO how to build this library via Redirecting...