How to use arduino ide like "tabs" in platformio?


up to now i’ve used the arduino ide, so i’m relatively new to platformio.
in the arduino ide i organised my code using the tab functionality, somewhat similar to this article.

'vei used to put every single function into a separate tab (file), thus i could keep even big projects organized. i would like to do the same in platformio.

however, if i try to do the same, i’ve got these errors when compiling:

what is the “good practice” in this ide?

What exact file with what exact code do you have?

You just need to follow C/C++ rules. Here’s an introduction. Start to back away from .ino files and go to .cpp and .h files. Seems like in your case you didn’t #include <Arduino.h>, leading to lots of unfound references.

hi @twanek - i had the same question on another thread here which may or may not help you if you haven’t already found a solution.