How to rename a Project?


Hi everyone,

I’m using PlatformIO for a few days now in combination with Atom running on Win10 64bit.

There is a problem I wasn’t able to find a solution for to this point.
When I create a new project using the wizard offered on the platformio homepage I get a Projectfolder with a pretty cryptic name.
I see no option to rename the project from inside platformio. So I go to the windows explorer and change the projects folder name. After that I am not able anymore to install a lib into the projectfolder. I have a few renamed projects in the projectfolder and one that I have not renamed just for reference. When I go to the libmanager and choose install to project it only gives me the option to install it to the project that I have not renamed.
Is there something I am missing or is there a bug somewhere?



Could you show a structure of renamed project?


The architects don’t allow you to name the project folder. They give it a name based on the time, date and board. You then have to close the project go into the OS and rename it there. Then you can open it in the IDE with the new name.

They should have provided a option for you to name it and if you didn’t then give it the time stamp name.



My Problem is not that I have to use the explorer to rename my project but that afterwards I am not able to install a lib to that project anymore.


Could you try to restart IDE?


We will implement native file dialog in the next release of PIO Home. Stay tuned.


I already restarted my IDE of course.

I’ll watch out for the update :wink:


I have only been able to get one program uploaded to my D1 mini, so I am not experienced.
in my hours of trying to find how to create a BLINK program, I finally succeeded.
in my reading, when you create the project, the plaftormio creates a unique name and then uses that for the file.
seems the need to offer the user to create a variable to name the file, then use that for the rest of their needs. (not the user needs)
what I read is that when PIO creates the file structure, it create fixed references to the file name and they are placed in multiple places in the newly created set of files.

in the end, renaming a folder in the OS is like renaming a library. all external and internal references become invalid.

so, until the coders of this software get to some simple and elegant way to show a name you want to see that makes sense to you vs. a file name that makes sense to them, you are going to have to put in good notes on the top of your programs.

=================== EDIT ============

go in your OS to the folded with the name you want to change
copy the folder and paste it with a new name or paste it and re-name it.

open ATOM / ProjectIO
select 'open project’
now click that little check mark in the left column
the project io system will do it’s thing and create all the correct links for this new folder name.
delete your old folder.

it is a bit of a work around, but in the end, you get what you want.

create a new project, nothing but setup and void
in your OS copy that folder to a new folder and name it
open it and then click that checkmark for a build. should be 100%
once you have that, it should be in the file system and you can copy your file into the new project.
do not copy your job into it before running the BUILD


Is there any progress on the renaming feature, @ivankravets?

While PlatformIO is a great alternative to Arduino IDE but enforced, cryptic name of a project is such a terrible omission…


Do you use the latest version of PIO IDE? New file explorer has been introduced a few weeks ago.


I’m using Atom 1.23.1, PlatformIO 3.5.1a1 and platformio-ide 2.0.0-rc.5 on macOS 10.12.6, and there seems to be no way to specify your own project name, or to rename the one created


PIO Home > Uncheck “Use default location” > Create a new folder using File Explorer and select it.


Thank you @ivankravets, I finally figured it out. After clicking on “New” in the File Explorer, you type in the name of the folder in “Folder Name”, but then, DO NOT click on Finish. First, after typing the new folder name, press Return/Enter, then click on Finish


Thanks, I opened issue for that



This seems really convoluted, can it not be implemented to simply allow the project name field to be edited when creating a project? it could have the date stamped naming convention pre-filled in, but selecting it would clear that field and place the caret for editing.


Thanks! I opened a feature request


I joined the community to ask about this - I’m glad it’s not just me! :wink:


I too joined the community just to reply to this!

Unfortunately the Arduino Import feature doesn’t allow the project name to be set.
Imported projects with date based names is good for a default, but we need the option to name our own stuff. And as an import, it already had a name. What was wrong with that?