How to rename a Project?

Thanks, @pfeerick. That works. Came up with the same thing last night, actually.

It would be great if PlatformIO provided a “Save Copy Of Project As…” option.
It would also be nice if one could name an imported Arduino project with a user-defined name as can be done when making a New Project.

Thanks for the help/


No problem. If you think it’s an important enough feature, put in a feature request and see what happens.

For the naming of imported Arduino projects, I put in a feature request on GitHub, so we’ll see what Ivan says… :wink:

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I have now opened an issue/feature request for “Save Copy of Project As…”


Finally a sensible suggestion!

Still cannot rename projects within VSCode. I’ve tried the following:

Unchecked “use default location” and closed.
Opened a new project via the “Project Example” button.
The Example project was created but did not give me the option to change the name.

Used “Duplicate Project” feature.
This created a new project named same as the old project but suffixed by the word “copy”.

(3) Yeah, I could hack things up outside of VSCode and then bring it back in, but what all is that going to break on some future complex project?

There are hundreds of useful options and settings for projects, but the one thing you can’t do is rename a project; Totally nuts…

Why is it so fiddly and awkward to rename an Imported Arduino Project file to something not named with time/date/platform?

I have yet to figure this out when importing a project. I must be rather stupid or this procedure is wonky. The authors of this thread and I can’t be the only ones having trouble. There are over 1.8 million users and this seems like a very basic task in any program of more than moderate complexity. PlatformIO is way above moderate complexity, the project rename shouldn’t be witch-doctor science.

Stepping off my soapbox now. Great work on this project. I love it. Just please fix project import custom names…



We are in May 2023, and after looking for a solution to rename a project, I have found this topic : it seems that there is still no way to easily rename a project !..

PlatformIO is undoubtedly a great (if not the best) IDE, but I can’t understand why it is still complex to rename a project ???..

Thanks anyway for this great PlatformIO !

Working with near-perfect ignorance in the early days of using PlatformIO, I created a mess of cryptic folders in the Documents>PlatformIO>Projects folder (on Windows). Each folder was an imported Arduino project, and you can just edit that folder name to anything you want using standard Windows edit options. Inside that folder is an equally cryptic filename that is the workplace name, Edit that name to anything you want, same or different. Then, open PlatformIO, use the alien head on the left to get to the home screen (New Project gets you there). Click the Open Project icon, click on Projects, and you will see your newly named project.