How to remove a library from the registry?

I have renamed the library I had published earlier and want to remove the library with the old name from the registry. I’ve tried unpublsihing all versions, but cannto do that to the older versions because they are more than 72 hours old.

Is there a way to totally remove a library from the registry, or mark it deprecated maybe?

Please provide a link to the library in the registry.

It concerns bascy/Nuki Ble for Esp32 being replaced by bascy/NukiBleEsp

Hello. I need to delete all my libraries from registry

because they were added manually. Now they are on GitHub with another username (and in Arduino library registry) and Platformio registry contains old versions, I will not update them manually.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for pointing us to the duplicates libs. We’ve just removed them.

Hi Ivan,
could you do the same for Nuki Ble for Esp32? it is replaced by NukiBleEsp

Hi @bascy,

The duplicated library has been deleted :white_check_mark:

thanks for deleting.,

Thank you! Problem was solved at half. I have all of my libraries hosted on github and added to Arduino registry. But one part of them is added to platformio manually and can’t update automatically. Second part - I didn’t add them, but they are in platformio registry! So two questions:

  • How do libraries from Arduino registry get to platformio registry? Is it fully automatic or must be initiated?
  • What can we do with manually added libs? They are “owner:gyverlibs” in search, part of them added from Arduino, another part is via platformio CLI “package publish” or so. Maybe just delete all of them and add again from Arduino registry…

We sync them automatically from library-registry/repositories.txt at main · arduino/library-registry · GitHub

Would you like to manage all libs manually and allow PlatformIO to fetch updates automatically for you?

We merged 2 accounts into the 1. This is the reason why you see all these libs. We did it in this way to not break projects that depend on the libraries that are not listed in the arduino registry.

What do you recommend here?

I want PlatformIO fetch updates automatically, thanks!

We enabled automatic updates for all your libraries. Please note if you use pio pkg publish for any of your packages, the automatic updates for this package will be disabled again.

Hello, I would like to completely delete libraries from Platformio registry.
Do I still have to manually write to you, Mr. @ivankravets, to request its removal?
I have not found any option to do so myself using the pio pkg command. That would be a lovely feature btw! :slight_smile:
If there is no option to do so myself, please delete those two libraries:

PlatformIO Registry
PlatformIO Registry

Thank you for reply and for your work.

Hi @adamhoof ,
The mentioned packages were deleted.

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hi i am using pio package command for unpublished a my own custom library wifi_led
it is unpublished but still display in platformio registry so any one help for complete delete my library in platformio registry

Could you share the link to the library? Maybe, the content was cached.

I was cleaning up my repositories and moved all my libraries to the new place.
But my libraries in the Platformio registry are still pointing to old repository.
Could you please update their repositories to use new location?

Old repository:
New repository: GitHub - eltonio79/Platformio-Libraries: Platformio libraries

List of libraries to change repository:

  • eltonio79/DimmerEx
  • eltonio79/DimmerI2C
  • eltonio79/DimmerLED
  • eltonio79/DimmerTLC
  • eltonio79/RelayEx
  • eltonio79/RelayDoor
  • eltonio79/RelayLatch
  • eltonio79/RelayPin
  • eltonio79/RelayRinger

Could you also remove from registry following libraries as they already not exists?

List of libraries to remove:

  • eltonio79/Eltonio Dimmer
  • eltonio79/Beeper
  • eltonio79/BeeperEx

Thank you in advance,

Thanks for the request. Done!


Following a mistake of my own, could you please remove the following library:
arthen/Unofficial Netatmo Weather API Library for ESP32

Thank you

Hi @ivankravets, from what I can gather, this seems to be the library deletion request thread. Could you please remove stlljonas/Sensirion_Unified_Prototyping_Toolkit_Core? I published it for testing but now I would like to publish it on the Arduino registry (which seems to sync to platformio) while avoiding naming conflicts. Thanks!