How to embed binary files into esp32 firmware



I am trying to compile the esp32 ssl example with Platformio:

The problem seems to be that platformIO is not recognising the needed with its option:
COMPONENT_EMBED_TXTFILES := server_root_cert.pem
Documented here:

there is no obvious way to me to configure or bypass these configuration to the underlaying sdk.

Can anybody help me with this problem?

Trouble embedding binary files in ESP-IDF ( using PlatformIO

Anyone found an answer to this ?



Quick question about that link. Its says ’ You can set a macro (define) COMPONENT_EMBED_FILES using build_flags"

Yet the example given is: Notice here they are using “COMPONENT_EMBED_TXTFILES”

platform = espressif32
board = …
build_flags =

Later on that page they say again " The names are generated from the full name of the file, as given in COMPONENT_EMBED_FILES ." So where did they get “COMPONENT_EMBED_TXTFILES” at ?


You are right! Thanks! I’ve just fixed typos