How to add components to espidf framework

I am trying to add components from esp-iot-solution to my PlatformIO project (in particular the LCD component) using the espidf framework.

I tried to add the the lcd component (with the Adafruit-GFX-Library submodule) to the lib folder but #include "iot_lcd.h" or #include "lcd/iot_lcd.h" fail.

Apparently, custom components are not supported. Is there a way to repackage it so I can use it?

Outdated information since the ESP-IDF v4 update.

The documentation tells you how to do it.

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It works fine, thanks!

Hi @maxgerhardt ,

I tried following the documentation, but so far it still can’t find the component header file (Arduino.h).

I tried the ‘components’ optional folder way, and it gives me the missing header file error.

For reference, I am trying to build a simple blink project using framwork=espidf, any help would be appreciated.

This is my components folder: