Happy New Year 2017

Dear PlatformIO Users,

This year was fantastic for PlatformIO project:

  • Announced experimental version of PlatformIO IDE (GUI wrapper around PlatformIO Core)
  • Refactored PlatformIO Core and released PlatformIO Core 3.0 with multiple new features and decentralized architecture for development platforms
  • Started work on a separate projected named PIO Plus, professional solutions for an awesome open source PlatformIO ecosystem.
  • Provided professional support for our community and made thousands of developers happier! :blush:

What is more, this year showed us that we do a right work and move in the right direction. Please take a look at comparative stats for 2015/2016. We increased our developers base in +1,100% :open_mouth:
We spent $0 for ads and focused on the missing things and key problems related to embedded world.

As result developers like PlatformIO, they support us and help us to make it better and better. Thank you very much!

We don’t know what will be with PlatformIO in 2017, but we understand how it’s important for the whole embedded world now.

The PIO Plus Team


З новим роком)
Успіхів Вашій команді з проектом!)

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Дякую, Іван!

Дуже приємно :blush: