Getting started with PlatformIO

How to build PlatformIO based project

  1. Install PlatformIO Core
  2. Download development platform with examples
  3. Extract ZIP archive
  4. Run these commands:

Change directory to example > cd platform-atmelavr/examples/arduino-own-src_dir # Build project > platformio run # Upload firmware > platformio run --target upload # Clean build files > platformio run --target clean

I have some questions:

  1. I use the Visual studio code with platformio. I think the point 1 i can skip.
  2. Where i have to extract the download files from point 2?
  3. Where i have to run the commands? In the terminal of platformio?

thanks a lot!

I moved this post as it wasn’t related to the thread you posted it in.

  1. Correct - if you have installed the PlatformIO extension into VScode, you have installed the PlatformIO core
  2. For 2-3, you can extract them anywhere you can find them, and then you can add any of the example projects in the examples subfolder that you want to try - say examples\arduino-blink to your workspace to try it out (File -> Add Folder to Workspace).
  3. Yes. If you have added the project to your workspace, you can skip the first step (changing directory to where the project is located) as when you open PlatformIO terminal in VSCode it will do that automatically for you.

Thank you!:wink:

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