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From Arduino to RTOS

Good day,

I have a custom designed Arduino Due board driven by the Arduino Framework.
As my application has grown, I am thinking about switching the framework.

The main point is, that the Arduino framework has no threading capability.
On the other hand, there a plenty of libraries available for Arduino framework and it would be hard to re-build them all.

Currently I am using a timer based implementation as non-blocking approach.
I noticed, that PlatformIO does support Simba or Zephyr, but I am not completely sure what consequences a switch would cause.
Is the SAM3X8E compatible with one of these RTOS?

I also saw, that there are some Arduino libraries (HeliOS, FreeRTOS for Android) are out there, which introduces tasks. Would that be a valid approach to get the best from both world?
I can use the Arduino libraries and also get tasks? Could you recommend one of such libraries?

I also thought about switching the whole platform from Arduino to STM32. That said, then also the question raises to witch platform I should switch.
Technically speaking, this could be the best approach, but unfortunately also the most expensive approach. That’s why I would probably not got for that.

You see, I am not quite sure where to go and I would love to get your thoughts and guidance on that …

Nobody here who can give me some guidance?