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ESPCAM VSCode "Failed to connect ESP32: No Serial data received"

I don’t know why I can’t upload anything… I’m not sure what COM I have connected, it sais COM3, but when I check all devices it sais that COM3 is CH340 but… It doesn’t real because is ESP32CAM not arduino nano so… Anyone could help me? thanks a lot for help


How do you connect the ESP32CAM to your computer? With a serial adapter? Have you connected IO0 to GND so that it enters bootloader mode and checked that TX->RX and RX->TX?


I’m using this programming module

Great, so the board has IO0 and RST buttons. So, with the all boards plugged in, hold down IO0, press RST (while IO0 is still being pressed) and release RST and IO0 again. That should put the ESP32 into bootloader mode. Can it be programmed then?

No, I plug the boards, connect it to PC, then, hold IO0, meanwhile press RST, and finally, release both.
In VSCode make a upload, and same problem

Does the Windows device manager show more COM devices other than COM3?

Does it work in the Arduino IDE? If yes, with what settings?

I only have COM3, the problem must be I the interaction, I should be the pushes in bad way… I probe with a multimeter that IO0 and GND are connected by buttons… And, should that I doing bad way.

I don’t know, I can’t upload yet

Add monitor_speed = 115200 in the platformio.ini and start the “Monitor” task. Do the reset into bootloader method again. What’s the output?


Changed and monitor opened before bootloader operation

The board can plugged into the programming socket in two ways. Is the on-board antenna of the ESP32 module (golden snakey line) facing towards the micro-usb port or towards it?

Does this port disappear in the device manager when you unplug the ESP32?

Bfff… Right know I can’t find it by VSCode

And the ports are not founded

I have the same ESP32-CAM-MB, in fact two different versions of it. I couldn’t make any of them work reliably with ESP32-CAM for both upload and serial monitor. I ended up using the direct serial connection as shown by @maxgerhardt above and had no problems with it.

We had several users in Tasmota Discord with problems to flash the cam with the board. Always solved when using a standard serial usb adapter. The espcam flashing board is crap…

I think that I’ll do that, i’ll change the standard adapter.

Well… finally I can upload code from platformio to ESPCAM… But not all are smiles… so, my problem right now is that I dont have any serial connection by serial port


But, whe I go to Serial monitor


Silence… I’ve trying with this simple code


And the problem persist if I put 115200

Thanks a lot

You have to set the RTS signal (on the USB serial adapter) to 0 to allow the ESP32 to execute the code you uploaded. Otherwise it will just not run due to the way it’s wired up in hardware. See Serial monitor always prints null (macOS) - #3 by wildernessfamily.

My USB serial adapter not have RTS button, you refere to RST button of ESCAm?.

In adition, I’ll check the link that you have posted

Then maybe the program is not booting at all or it’s stuck in the bootloader.

When you change to monitor_speed = 115200 is there any output?

Does pressing the reset button produce some output?

Is the monitor_port equal to the upload_port?


  1. monitor_speed not change anything
  2. With RST accurs 2 things:
  • After Upload, i need press it before upload it again
  • If i’m seeing the serial monitor and i press it i see some
  1. Seems like yes, platformio found automacally mi COM6 and Serial says COM6