Disable auto update? (or auto update state issue?)

Every build, every upload, I get
Please wait while upgrading PlatformIO...

Every time I open the monitor…
Please wait while upgrading PlatformIO...

And every time
PlatformIO has been successfully upgraded to 3.3.0!

And just now, only once, I was updated to 3.4.0b I think.

On a decent connection this only annoys, but I’m currently on crappy wifi, and some of the update checks take a long time.

I’m not sure if it’s supposed to check for updates every build (or new monitor window), or if some state thingy is messed up in my project. A regular clean doesn’t have any effect. I have disabled auto updates in the IDE settings, and pio settings get show No for auto_update_libraries and platforms as well.

How can I disable these auto-updates for a single project, and/or globally?


You have multiple installations of PIO Core in a system. Please open system terminal (not in IDE) and run pip uninstall platformio.

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Thanks. I had an installation through homebrew. I’m guessing that just refused to update.

But, removing that broke the IDE, it could no longer find the commands. So I reinstalled the IDE package for Atom. Now the IDE works without the update messages, but how do I now get the pio command back into a regular terminal now? Do I have to add the IDE’s installation to my path?

Edit: I did just that. Added ~/.platformio/penv/bin to my path. All is well. Thanks again.

I’ve the same problem.
How can I check, if I have multiple installations of PIO Core? I would like to check this first before deinstalling platformio.

I’m not entirely sure, but most likely:
pip list to check if installed through pip (be careful which pip you are calling. Run which pip to check if your not running the platformio builtin version. If so, you’re good)

On a mac? Then also check:
brew info platformio, it should say “Not installed”

I guess that’s it. The install through Atom will put itself in ~/.platformio.

But I don’t think uninstalling/reinstalling will give you any issues. It won’t touch any of your projects.

Thank you. This solved my problem, too.

Guys, I’ve just opened an issue and next PIO Core will inform you about duplicates

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