Debugging the ATtiny1626


I am a university TA who has been using PIO for about 2 years now. Our students currently use the PIO IDE extension for building and uploading their ASM/C programs onto a custom development board that uses the Microchip ATtiny1626.

You can find the platform here: GitHub - cab202/quty: A platform to support development of code targeting the QUTy microcontroller development board using the PlatformIO extension for Visual Studio Code.

I’ve noticed that PIO supports debugging on various platforms, and wanted to know if it would be possible to debug programs within VSCode?

If there is no existing support, I am willing to learn to build my own debugger and would appreciate any help.

Microchip has not released an open source debugging tool that can be used freely with GDB. Everything is for their Microchip Studio (formely Atmel Studio) Visual-Studio based IDE.

Success with debugging over UPDI (which is what the ATtiny1626 has) were extremely limited or very hacky. There have been some results in Debug an avr 4809 with microUPDI? - #39 by maxgerhardt as also summarized in UPDI Debugging AVR128Dx with platformio - #4 by maxgerhardt.

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