Compile warning

I have been receiving the following warning message for a few days.
My system runs in German language. Therefore I have translated the Fehmeldungen here.

Fehler: Die PlatformIO-Aufgabenerkennung hat für die folgende Konfiguration keine Aufgabe beigetragen:
TRANSLATION: Error: PlatformIO task detection has not contributed a task for the following configuration:
“type”: “PlatformIO”,
“task”: “Build”,
“problemMatcher”: [
“group”: {
“kind”: “build”,
“isDefault”: true
“label”: “PlatformIO: Build”

Die Aufgabe wird ignoriert.
TRANSLATION: The task is ignored.

I would be happy if someone can help me.


I wonder if this will help, it’s the same error messages as yours.

It seems that all you need to do is remove tasks.json from the .vscode folder. Mind you, because I’m of a suspicious nature, I might consider copying the tasks.json out of .vscode but pasting it somewhere else, just in case. :wink:



Thank you that was it. What surprises me is that the entry was not in the current project, but in an older one.

Kind regards

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