Code runs in external windows cmd

Hi, when I run a python file in the platformio terminal it opens a new windows cmd that runs the code and closes automatically. any idea how to fix this and make the code runs in the atom platformio terminal at the bottom?.

Do you see the same problem when run pio run in PIO IDE Terminal?

did’t work. but did what you said to someone else “Remove C:\Users<my user>.platformio”. and it worked. I get the commands now when using “pio”. I also did’t have platform io installed before nor python 2.7. so that probably is why (which is the instructor misshap for saying the pio terminal runs with python 3.x).

I checked the python version in the pio terminal and it`s 2.7.13 now. I also changed the path to the 2.7 (C:\Users\name.platformio\python27). there is also the atm path there (C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\atom\bin).

but same issue, the code runs in an external window (the default program used to open .py files now).

First time hear about this problem for the last 3 years.

Let’s start it from scratch:

  1. Uninstall completely PIO IDE. See Redirecting...
  2. Go to OS > Control Panel > Programs and uninstall all available Pythons
  3. Remove C:\Users\name\.platformio folder
  4. Now, install Python Redirecting...
  5. Then, Atom with IDE A professional collaborative platform for embedded development · PlatformIO