Cloning Rpi as remote agent

Hello, I’ve been searching this forum for a question about cloning Rpi’s as remote agent.
I have created a properly working Rpi using this solution: HowTo: Raspberry Pi 3 as remote agent (Oct. 2020)

For setting up a DTAP environment I cloned this Rpi and changed it’s hostname but kept the identical tokens and everything else the same. They both startup fine.

My problem:
On listing the agents (platformio/windows-VSC) with “pio remote agent list”, I sometimes get the first agent and sometimes the second agent but never both at the same time. I noticed that both agents use the same ID but have different agent names and different starting times.
So I presume it is because of the identical agent ID’s.
I cannot find any information on setting this Agent ID.
Can anyone help me out on this?

I also would like to know if renerating a token automatically revokes the previos token. I tried and it seems to behave like that. In other words, Is there only one token possible for all agents?

I freshly installed 3 Rpi’s the same way as the first one. They all use the same token but all turn out to have a different agent ID. So I may conclude that agent ID is stored somewhere on the file system.
Can any one tell me the location of the agent ID?
Thanks in advance.