Can't test my project after upgrade

Hey there!

I did a

platformio upgrade
platformio update 

Then when I want to launch command

platformio test -e native

it’s asking me to register on the pioplus platform.

Did I do something wrong or pio is now forcing me to be registered to launch the tests for my pet local project ?

PIO Unit Testing is PIO Plus feature that was announced in September with first PIO 3.0 release. PIO Plus was in BETA for 3 months and all its features were accessed for free without any registration, etc.

PIO 3.2 has been released 1 week ago and PIO Plus was out from BETA.

See full features matrix with PIO Plus plans:

Thanks for the reply.

Current state : I won’t be able to launch my unit tests unless I pay $10/month.

I am no professional IOT developer and will not spend 100$ a year to run my tests locally on my machine.

I really enjoyed using pio. This is a great a reliable tool. But I will try to find alternatives.

This is not a complain, just user feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! That is very important for us. We will try to find better solution how to keep active development for PlatformIO Open Source project.

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