Can't get esp32-arduino 3.0.0rc1 installed

I need to use ipv6 in project but it’s support on arduino 2.x is not complete.I noticed that there were discussions on this topic and there were solutions,but new supports are only contained in arduino3.0.0,which is not officially supported by platformio,so i tried this article: install the rc version:

but it just dosn’t work…the error seems like trying to read an element by calling packages[packagename].get(“owner”),which actually does not exist.And when I look through the relevant files I found this element was actually deleted by a building py script.I don’t know what happened and how to fix.Can anybody help?Please.
(Or anybody can offer solutions to using ipv6 in 2.x,and that will be also helpful)

That Espressif documentation is outdated. They added a dependency on a “arduno esp32 libs” package.

The Tasmota fork of the ESP32 platform has integration with the latest Arduion-ESP32 3.x. Please use it by just changing your platform.

platform =

Soluted. Thank you. :slight_smile: