Build Upload and Monitor Button doesn't work correctly


After installation on a new machine the build, upload and monitor button aren’t working the same way as before. When I use one of these buttons a list with command shows up. List is the same for all buttons.
Before this behavious, The upload button just uploaded the code and so on. Does anyone how to change this back to the previous behavior?

Edit: I’ve found a similar topic on github
There was an issue with french locale. So I tried to change the settings in VSC but without success. Or do I need to change the language which is used in the macOS terminal?

Software I use:
Version: 1.70.0-insider
Commit: a74adedba8fb56d14f01f7950340dab33cfeae57
Date: 2022-07-19T05:21:29.044Z
Electron: 18.3.5
Chromium: 100.0.4896.160
Node.js: 16.13.2
OS: Darwin arm64 21.5.0

Duplicate of PlatformIO IDE does not work with VSCode Insider