Bugs after the last updates with mbed framework

After the last update of the platforms and vscode iI have some problems
with task runner (vscode), and general with rebuilding c/c++ project index (vscode, atom)

Hi @sstaub!
Could you please run in IDE terminal next command pio platform show wiznet7500 and share here output?

The problem is also on stm32, not only on wiznet, maybe mbed is the problem

that the output for wiznet

bash: Studio.app/Contents/Resources/app.nw/ztc/mac: No such file or directory
licht-mbp:blinky sstaub$ pio platform show wiznet7500
wiznet7500 ~ WIZNet W7500

The IOP (Internet Offload Processor) W7500 is the one-chip solution which integrates an ARM Cortex-M0, 128KB Flash and hardwired T
CP/IP core for various embedded application platform especially requiring Internet of things

Version: f87f256
Home: PlatformIO Registry
Repository: GitHub - platformio/platform-wiznet7500: WIZnet W7500: development platform for PlatformIO
Vendor: http://www.wiznet.io/product-item/w7500/
License: Apache-2.0
Frameworks: mbed


Package framework-mbed

Type: framework
Requirements: ~4.146.0
Installed: Yes
Version: 4.146.0
Original version: 1.46
Description: mbed Framework

Package tool-openocd

Type: debugger
Requirements: ~1.1000.0
Installed: Yes
Version: 1.1000.1
Original version: 10.0
Description: OpenOCD

Package toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi

Type: toolchain
Requirements: >=1.60301.0
Installed: Yes
Version: 1.60301.0
Original version: 6.3.1
Description: gcc-arm-embedded


ID MCU Frequency Flash RAM Name

wizwiki_w7500 WIZNET7500 48Mhz 128kB 48kB WIZNet WIZwiki-W7500
wizwiki_w7500p WIZNET7500P 48Mhz 128kB 48kB WIZNet WIZwiki-W7500P
wizwiki_w7500eco WIZNET7500ECO 48Mhz 128kB 48kB WIZNet WIZwiki-W7500ECO
licht-mbp:blinky sstaub$

Hm, that’s strange. Could you please try to reinstall wiznet platform?

pio platform uninstall wiznet7500
pio platform install https://github.com/platformio/platform-wiznet7500.git

Sorry, i got the wrong folder. Wiznet works now, only the task popup on vscode remains
(I think MS changed some things on the task runner with vscode 1.14)

ok, does stm32 platform work properly after reinstalling?

Yep, it works after reinstalling. Also for stm32.