Bugs with mbed platform

this is almost the same as mentioned in the thread here

as started by @sstaub, but it is for a different board.
I am using the b96b_f446ve board and I do not know how to solve this particular issue.

Here is the screenshot

Any help please…

Hi! Could you please try to reinstall platform?

I tried. I manually deleted the toolchain-gcc*** and framework-mbed from the .platformio/packages folder. Still get the same error.

You need to uninstall development platform, not packages.

I tried unchecking the “Use development version of platformio core” still the same error persists.

You need to use the development version of the ststm32 platform, not PlatformIO. Try next commands in IDE terminal:

pio platform uninstall ststm32
pio platform install https://github.com/platformio/platform-ststm32.git

Thank you. The solved the issue. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for the prompt help