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Anyone have experience changing nrf52840 bootloaders?

Switching Bootloaders:

I have several Particle Xenon’s, some Nordic nrf52840 USB Dongles, some Makerdiary nRF52840 USB dongles, and some Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense boards. I am getting a Segger Edu mini J-link and the Particle debugger board. I want to be able to run all these boards with similar coding. Obviously PlatformIO is the place to be.

My question is: if I can get these boards running, would it be easier to flash a different bootloader to a few of the boards? For example If I can get the Arduino Nano 33 BLE working could I flash it’s bootloader to the Nordic nRF52840 USB dongle and make my life a little bit easier.

All these boards run the nRF52840 Nordic SOC, so they should have some similarities.

If you want more info, I have a site here about why I would even try to inflict this much pain on myself.

Also if anyone knows of another nRF52840 board that already works well with PlatformIO could they tell me about it. I know the github for the nrf52 PlatformIO is platform-nordicnrf52

much more info on this post Like if you have an nRF52840: Nordic USB dongle, Arduino Nano 33 BLE, Adafruit, Sparkfun, April, Makerdairy, Fanstel, Particle or any other

You can certainly flash them with each others bootloaders, but I don’t see how it would make your life even a little bit easier. Since the hardware would be different, more than likely it would be the exact opposite of making your life easier.

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So I am having some success with these boards at Same Bootloader, same softdevice different board different pins

Have found most of the Particle pins are equivalent to the Nan 33 BLE pins just in different order. see diagrams at the above link