Zephyr waveshare_ble400/zephyr/linker.cmd is wrong

I’m using my home lockdown to get into Zephyr. I have a few nrf51822 modules in a waveshare_ble400 dev board to play with. When I build with platformio, the linker.cmd is using the wrong ram size. It’s using 16K and it should be 32K.
I think the linker.cmd is generated. I’m trying to find the source data it’s working from.

in framework-zephyr/boards/arm/nrf51_ble400, the nrf51_ble400.yaml has 16K ram. I changed it. Didn’t fix the problem.

I’m wrong. The module plugged in is 16K. I have a 32K module. I’ll try it.

I have 32K boards. I made changes to 5 files changing qaa to qac. No more problems.

If the problem lies in framework-zephyr files then it’s best to report to Zephyr, since the framework is sourced from them and integrated here. If it’s an issue with board file definitions (e.g. platform-nordicnrf51/boards/waveshare_ble400.json at develop · platformio/platform-nordicnrf51 · GitHub), then the platform’s issue page (Issues · platformio/platform-nordicnrf51 · GitHub) is right. Right now PIO uses 32K RAM limit

There are 32K and 16K versions of the module the BLE400 uses. I had 16K’s. I now have 32K’s.