Zephyr + MIMXRT1050EVKB + QSPI Flash combination not working

I am trying to create a blinky example project for the MIMXRT1050EVKB board.
Earlier I was successfully able to create the blinky example for MIMXRT1020EVK so I assume that my IDE(VSCode) and environment are all correctly set.
The NXP’s MIMXRT1050EVKB board uses the hyperflash as program memory by default. The board also has a QSPI flash which can be used as the program memory. Using the QSPI flash requires some hardware modifications which is all set and tested from my side. (I used MCUXpresso IDE + SDK for testing this).

I see that the blinky example when compiled for QSPI flash doesn’t work.
I use the menuconfig (from platform IO IDE) to select this board as I am unable to select mimxrt1050_evk_qspi as the board.
When I connect the debugger I can see that the MCU is hanged up executing ROM code.

I have setup zephyr seperately for testing under a virtual machine, when if I use the below command:
west -v build -p -b mimxrt1050_evk_qspi samples/basic/blinky
it compiles fine and generates the correct device tree with the QSPI flash enabled.
There is a different reason that binary also doesn’t work (follow the link to know the details. Discussion link) which I managed to fix somehow.

Also I have verified the final merged device tree zephyr.dts. It does not enable the QSPI flash. It still has the section:
flexspi: spi@402a8000 {
compatible = “nxp,imx-flexspi”;
reg = < 0x402a8000 0x4000 >, < 0x60000000 0x4000000 >;
interrupts = < 0x6c 0x0 >;
label = “FLEXSPI”;
#address-cells = < 0x1 >;
#size-cells = < 0x0 >;
status = “disabled”;
s26ks512s0: s26ks512s@0 {
compatible = “nxp,imx-flexspi-hyperflash”;
size = < 0x20000000 >;
label = “S26KS512S”;
reg = < 0x0 >;
spi-max-frequency = < 0x9e4f580 >;
status = “okay”;

Further in zephyr/include/generated/autoconf.h I see the macro CONFIG_BOARD_MIMXRT1050_EVK_QSPI 1. Still I do not see the correct device tree for QSPI flash.

Please take a look at this and let me know how to enable the QSPI flash on MIMXRT1050EVKB board.

Following are the contents of the platformio.ini file:
platform = nxpimxrt
framework = zephyr
board = mimxrt1050_evk
upload_protocol = jlink

If an example project compiles & works when build with west but not with PlatformIO, please report it as a bug to the developers in the respective platform. For the NXP iMX.RT chips that would be GitHub - platformio/platform-nxpimxrt: NXP i.MX RT: development platform for PlatformIO.