Zephyr: includes missing from network example?


New to PlatformIO (coming from STM32CubeIDE), so apologies for any stupid questions.

I’m trying to run a net example from Zephyr on my Nucleo-F756ZG. (zephyr-net-https-client to be exact).

So I started a project through PlatformIO Home, by importing the example.

In the code there are some problems.

cannot open source file "syscall_list.h" (dependency of "logging/log.h")
cannot open source file "syscalls/errno_private.h" (dependency of "net/net_ip.h")
cannot open source file "kobj-types-enum.h" (dependency of "net/socket.h")
cannot open source file "kobj-types-enum.h" (dependency of "net/socket.h")

Interestingly if I build, the build is successful. Is this normal? I would assume that missing include files would prevent a successful build.

I’ve tried looking up solutions, I’ve found this similar issue for syscall_list.h. It has something to do with CMake and my build settings however I’m unable to figure out what to do exactly to solve this.

Can someone give me some pointers as how this can be fixed?

Kind regards

Zephyr is a special case where the IntelliSense will be telling you it can’t find some files because it relies on some files / processes that are done after the first build.

Build the project once and execute a Ctrl+Shift+P → Rebuild IntelliSense and you’re good to go.

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