Xiao Nrf52840 Sense BLE **NEW BSP 2.9.2** battery read works , Neeed an update for Seeed :-)

Hi there,
How does one go about getting the New updated mbed BSP 2.9.2 for the Seeed Studios Xiao Nrf52840 Sense (and non-sense version)MCU’s Updated in the GIThub repo.

I have compiled code that previously would compile successfully, but would not read the battery level. the BSP 2.8.1. was broken for this. Now the same code does display with the 2.9.2 BSP installed, I can get it now in Arduino IDE and the battery reads correctly, If I compile the same code with PLIO the only difference being the BSP used no display is possible.

I want to use PLIO, The debugger WORKS! great with my jlink I can single step code and view the variables and tags, etc. set breakpoints and everything works. Both probes too.

I can post the code if requested. But I would like an easy way to update or add the Seeed BSP2.9.2 mbed to the current PLIO boards.
Thank you for the read.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

FYI, this probe works also…

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Anyone have any pointers on this? The present BSP included in the PLIO GIT for Xiao Nref52840 BLE Sense MCU. is old 2.8.1
How can I add it or is there a method to requesting it be added.
Thank you for any information or direction you can provide,
GL :slight_smile: PJ