Wrong --chip argument?

i can not find my board with platformio.
if i utilise Arduino IDE 2.0 , i can program and upload with this board : Generic ESP8266 Module at com 5.
when i use platformio
Build is a success.
But upload give me this message: A fatal error occurred: This chip is ESP8266 not ESP32. Wrong --chip argument?

I use a generic 8266 wemos d1 mini with 4 MB
is someone have an idea?
Thank You.

What’s your platformio.ini?


platform = espressif8266

board = esp8285

framework = arduino

Thank You

Why not use the board definition Wemos D1 Mini then?

platform = espressif8266
board = d1_mini
framework = arduino

If you have multiple projects open in VSCode, also make sure that you use the project environment switcher to select the correct project.

If that is still not working, post the output of the project task (linked above) “Advanced → Verbose Upload”.

I had multiple projects open in VSCod, in my workspace
i use your configuration of platformio.ini , and i deleted all of my others projects test in my workspace.
And it work.