Wiz-IO Pico Library Gone

Was about to start working on a new project using an RP2040 and was hoping to use Wiz-IO’s Board config and libraries but it’s gone from Github and PlatformIO’s board list.

Just wondered what happened to it and if it would return or if there was an alternative project that I could use that provided the C SDK

I have a copy of Wizio-Pico on my machine and would be happy to distribute and maintain it, but I’d like to get permission from @wizio before doing so.

Given that the project was on GitHub, and as a public repository, you have no problems in forking the project – without needing permission – and maintaining your own version.

I had a quick look for “wizio-pico” and found a couple of repos:

Both are by the original author of wizio-pico.

Of course, as usually happens, I’m probably looking for the wrong thing! :cry: