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Wire.h not found during build in an external library

I’m using the arduino framework, and trying to use the OV767X@^0.0.2 library, published by arduino (linked here:PlatformIO Registry) on an esp32, but am getting an error upon building that states “Wire.h not found”. I’ve tried, as follows from other forums, to include wire.h as a lib_dep, but this just introduces a whole new string of errors. The vs-code auto-compiler (I think, not sure what it’s called, but produces the red lines) does not mark this as missing. Anyone know what the problem could be here? Thank you in advance. Below is my .ini file, nothing else in the code has been modified
Screenshot from 2022-07-19 22-42-12

Do you have #include <Arduino_OV767X.h> on your main.cpp? PlatformIO won’t scan the dependencies otherwise.

Also looking at PlatformIO Registry, the last release date is very old in comparison to the actual new commits (Commits · arduino-libraries/Arduino_OV767X · GitHub), so conside using lib_deps = if errors pop up.

I did not, included this and wire compiled, thank you! I do now have a bunch of other errors so will attempt your second comment

Unfortunately this did not change the errors, but will keep it as the dependency given the new commits. Not sure what the other errors are born from, but it involves many functions and variables assumed to be declared such as “NRF_GPIO_Type” not being declared in the scope. Any knowledge regarding where these could source from?
Screenshot from 2022-07-20 22-13-19

Okay this code is completely useless to you, it assumes you’re running an nRF52 microcontroller, hence the NRF_I2S register / peripheral references that try to generate the master clock

Looking at, it’s for the ArduinoCore-mbed, likely the Nano 33 BLE board, not an ESP32.

You may want to look into if you want to use only Arduino, or the “full” library from Espressif with, but this for ESP-IDF. Still, you can* use Arduino on top of ESP-IDF per this, but I recommend to test the camera in a ESP-IDF-only program as intended first.

That’s tough, Arduino said on their site that it was applicable to all boards using the Arduino framework but Iooks like that was a lie. I’ll try it with the Arduino only library right now; was looking into using the esp32 espidf based framework but decided it was a bad idea as learning to use it will take a long time, thank you again for your help here!