Win7 vs code pio install problem

I have worked on my win7 install for several hours and just can not get it to work correctly. I do have it working correctly on a win10 machine.

History: I first installed Atom/PIO and then installed VS Code and decided I like the speed of VS.


  1. When VSC launches PIO Home I get the following:

i. If I quickly click OK to close the box the PIO Home tab loads OK.

ii. If I’m too slow the PIO Home times out.

2 ‘pio’ does not run in terminal
i. VSC/PIO does not know the path to penv/Scrips
ii. if I add the path to my environmental PATH var it works.

I have deleted the PIO extension from from VSC, deleted VSC and manually removed the leftovers from both and reloaded several times. I have also reloaded PHYTHON27 (32bit) a couple of times. BTW PYTHON27 64bit doesn’t work at all, PIO doesn’t recognize it.

In summary, my code builds and loads correctly. Starting the ‘PIO Home’ causes the runtime error. The path to ‘pio’ doesn’t get set for terminal.