Win7 environment variables HOME and HOMEPATH

I’ve got both HOME and HOMEPATH defined:
HOMEPATH is set to \Users\me
HOME is set to /cygdrive/c/Users/me/home
(Yes, I’ve got cygwin installed)

Can anyone tell me why PlatformIO seems to use both?

By that I mean I’ve got a .platformio folder in both directories.

HOMEPATH.platformio contains penv, project-examples
HOME.platformio contains lib, packages, platforms (etc)

Should these two .platformIO folders be the same?

When creating a Visual Studio project (via "platformio init --ide visualstudio), I see that it references $(HOMEDRIVE)$(HOMEPATH)\.platformio\packages\… which is actually incorrect for my environment.

A very strange issue. Atom/VSCode IDEs use Node.JS API for getHomeDir() ,where PIO Core uses Python’s API.

To avoid this issue, please set PLATFORMIO_HOME_DIR environment variable to a common directory.