Win10 Can not find working Python 3.6+ Interpreter

Starting VScode PIO goes into update and drops a Notification saying I have no Python installed.

I read I guess most of the related problems here and on github but to no success.

VSCode: 1.63.2
PIO IDE: v2.4.0
System: Win 10 pro x64 21H1 version

I tried:
msi package => no success
went with suggested exe python 3.8.8 => no success
did the windows store python installation => no success

installed core with the python script => installation passes without errors but update still hangs at no python found.
my PATH => first entry is location of python 3.8.8 and in cmd works everywhere

I am rebooting my comp after any change.

There is no way to get this resolved on myown so I would REALLY need some help resolving

After trying uninstalling and reinstalling just about everything, deleting the c:\users\ (username) \ .platformio \ .cache folder seemed to fix the problem for me. Dunno what’s in there, but it must have really hated it.

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Thank you so much! It worked like a charm!

Just so you know. I installed the Platformio extension in VS code, installed platformio in Python too.
I had Python installed on my system AND installed platformio also in there with ‘pip install platformio’.

After running a project ( ‘platformio.exe run’) , i got an error message that said “Python was not found”
Immediately after that : OSError: ‘python3’ exited 9009:

As I noticed several people encountering the same error in Windows / VSCode , it dawned on me that it tries to run ‘python3.exe’, but python3.exe usually is present on Linux, but not on Windows.
So i copied python.exe to python3.exe, like so:
copy C:\Program Files\Python310\python.exe C:\Program Files\Python310\python3.exe
(making sure the python3.exe is also present in %PATH%)

There’s a .keep file for cleanup predownloaded dir, that the script can’t delete