Wifi Module ESP-07s dont send uart commands

I am using a BIGTREETECH SKR 2 board, with an ESP-07s wifi module. I have added to the configuration file (configuration.h) these lines:

#define SERIAL_PORT 1         // Touch Screen serial port
#define BAUDRATE 115200

#define SERIAL_PORT_2 3     // ESP-07s port
#define BAUDRATE_2 115200

#define SERIAL_PORT_3 -1   // debug port
#define BAUDRATE_3 115200

The ESP3D code has been compiled with the Arduino IDE with the following parameters:

    Board: Generic ESP8266 Module
    Upload Speed: 115200
    CPU frequency: 160 MHz
    Flash Size: 4MB(3MB SPIFFS)
    Flash Mode: DOUT
    Flash Frequency: 40Mhz
    Reset Method: CK
    Debug Port: Disabled
    Debug Level: None

ESP3D works correctly, it creates the wifi and I can connect. But the communication is not working between the board and the wifi module. No commands from the ESP3D web interface work, but when I print something on the printer (via Touch Screen), I can see the temperature information in the ESP3D interface.

It is as if the serial communication only works in one direction, from the board to the wifi module.

Does anyone know what could be happening? Any error in the configuration?

Thanks in advance.