Why won't my library update to the latest version in the platformio repo?

I updated the library.json of my project: PlatformIO Registry to version 0.8.3 about 2 days ago, and have not seen it update yet. There seems to be no way to debug release issues, nor any way to force a refresh. I am unsure how to proceed.

Sorry, very strange issue. I’ve just manually requested an update for your library. It could be caused by the latest issues with GitHub.

I updated my HomieNodeCollection (A professional collaborative platform for embedded development · PlatformIO) yesterday and the latest revision (0.7.4) was available quite soon on the homepage, but when runnin pio on command line, it still downloads 0.7.3? Is this normal behaviour?

(see Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence)

Even more weird: Another project already installs the latest 0.7.4.

I can reproduce this locally and on travis CI? (see Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence).

See Creating Library — PlatformIO latest documentation

Updates to existing libraries are done every 24 hours. In case a more urgent update is required, you can post a request on PlatformIO community.

Strange thing for me was that it seems to be depended of the platformio-project, if the old or new version of a specific library was installed.
While one project used the newest version of the lib from this morning on, another projected started to use it just now.

I would expect some cache or similar, but this does not explain why travis-ci also had the same issue?

Yes, PIO Core caches the often requests (for 1 hour). To reset a cache, just run pio update command.