Why Is Platform IO so flawed and buggy?


I’m use to working in segger embedded studio, wonderful software

So playing around with the ESP32 and been introduced to platform io, first impressions are not great!

How is it I have wasted so much time just trying to get it installed and working

How can any serious dev software, just hang after install, really poor!

So I’m running windows 10, instated visual studio code, installed latest version of python, installed platform i/o and it just hangs when trying to launch platform I/O. and clicking home screen

Just about to give this flawed software up and look for a better alternative

thanks in advance for any help in trying to resolve this buggy software

Why Is Platform IO so flawed and buggy?

Step 1 to getting people to help you is definitely not stating that. It’s fine to state a bug or problem, but that just comes off as condescending.

and it just hangs when trying to launch platform I/O. and clicking home screen

“Hanging” meaning what exactly? Loading screen shows or nothing at all? Screenshot?

When you open a CLI and execute

pio home --port 6849

do you see the screen?

Did you install from python.org or the Windows Marketplace? The former works, the latter, not so great!

What username do you have? Any dots, spaces etc in your username or just letters? Any spaces in your pathnames? Windows is a wee bit dodgy when you go off piste with file/path names.

Anti-virus? Firewall? Is the port open? (I think it’s port 8008 but I’m 3 hours away from my laptop at the moment!)

Just a few to throw in. Also, have a look in VSCode’s developer options, console for any error messages that might give a clue, I’m afraid your mini-rant didn’t.


Hello maxgerhardt

Well, hanging means not getting any further, locking up on the Home screen

I am amazed that such a simple task of installing and IDE can lead to such a painful experience of not being able to launch the program after a fresh install

and yes I installed python after downloading from the main python website latest version

This is awful to have an IDE just lock up after install, really really poor

Thanks to everyone else for any help

I find that even singular platforms like Arduino or Stm32, can be frustrating to use. PlatformIo aims to merge these other platform models into one system that works for all. It is a challenge and the developers should be thanked for making a good effort.

@johnnysh1000 We feel you frustration. But consider the frustration we feel when trying to help you and all the information we have is “it just hangs”. Clearly, it doesn’t “just hang” for the rest of us or we wouldn’t be here.

I realize this is painful but every piece of detail, no matter how small, could be significant. The more time you spend in putting that detail together clearly, the more likely someone will be able to point to the correct remedy.

For instance:

  1. I load VS Code
  2. Platform IO Home screen opens. It looks like this: <img here>
  3. I click on “New Project” in the …
  4. I get a popup that looks like this: <img here>
  5. I type in my information:
    • Project name: FooBar
    • Location: some/path/with spaces/maybe
  6. I click create
  7. I see spinny wheel
  8. After 5 minutes I still see spinny wheel and give up.

Or maybe take a screen recording?

You didn’t answer my question about

What is even worse is continuing to complain, but not answering any of the questions asked by people trying to help you. These from me:

  • Windows anti-virus? Yes or no?
  • Firewall? Yes or no?
  • Port open, 8008, yes or no?
  • Any non-alphanumeric characters in your username/path? Yes or no?
  • Official python, or Windows marketplace version?



I have been at work all day, thank to all for trying to help

ok questions answered

  1. Windows 10 latest update 64bit
  2. AV = Windows 10 Defender
  3. Windows Firewall
  4. Port 8008 (I haven’t opened it, nor have any of the tutorial asked to open it) should it be open
    and in what firewall ?? windows, IP Router ?
  5. Any non-alphanumeric characters in your username/path? NO
    • Official python, latest version 64bit

I followed chapter and verse this tutorial of getting started with platform IO

sadly it did not work

You press the platoform I/O home button and it just hangs, blank screen

You should get this screen below, but I do not, its just a black screen

I do not??

I have recently moved over to sky internet, though won’t be with them much longer as there internet service is dreadful, not sure if they are blocking anything

I have tried unloading everything to and reinstalling


Thank you for giving more info! It’s far easier to help with more details.

Try opening VS Code’s Developer Tools’ Console (HelpToggle Developer ToolsConsole tab) and see if you see any errors that happen when you click the Home button.

Screenshots of your system might help as well. There’s a chance we’ll notice something else too.

Day 2 of not trying this.