Why do I need to manually connect the dependencies folder?

I have a Platformio.ini file with one dependency:

platform = atmelavr
board = ATmega328based
framework = gaverino
lib_deps = 

This library was successfully downloaded, but when i include it, i got an error that file not found.

#include "GyverStepper.h"

After a few hours i realized how to fix it. I added build_flags = -I".pio/libdeps/ATmega328P/**". Intellisence has no more errors, but an error occurs during build:
src\main.cpp:1:10: fatal error: GyverStepper.h: No such file or directory
Am I doing something wrong, or should the platformio itself include the files that I specify?

Rejected based on framework. What is the “gaverino” framework? o_O?

You probably need some lib_compat_mode hacks: lib_compat_mode — PlatformIO latest documentation

Oh, thank you. I set lib_compat_mode = off and it work! Framework gaverino is GyverCore originally intended for Arduino IDE, which i downloaded and adapted for platformio.