Why are platform .cpp files now .cpp.o

Why have my board .cpp files been converted to .cpp.o files? They used to be .cpp files which I could browse!

I’ve tried Clean and Build I just cant get them back!


You are browsing the .pio\build and .pio\libdeps folder. This is the folder where object files (.o) are stored after they are compiled and where library dependencies are stored. This is an interemediate build artefact folder, it usually makes no sense to open it up.

Just scroll further down until you get to your src/ folder…

Thank you Max…what is confusing me is I’m sure I could open those cpp files (in .pio/build) but then they seem to have been compiled. The .pio/libdeps are still cpp and not cpp.o so I can read them!

So is there no way to actually have them readable? Is there a compiler setting that has done this?

Thank you and sorry for my ramblings, i’m still pretty new to this!

No, your original source files are likely still there in the src/ folder. .pio/build/src/ always contains the compiled object files.

When you scroll down in the file explorer or collapse the entire .pio folder (which you really don’t need to look at anyways), is there really no src/ folder with your original files? Compilation doesn’t erase your original files. Unless you’ve deleted them yourself.

Turning object files into source files can be done through reverse-engineering. This requires extreme knowledge of the target processor, assembly and C/C++. Tools like Ghidra made by the National Security Agency (NSA) can e.g. do this.

Again, it is extremely unlikely that you want do to this, search for the original files by scrolling down.