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Which WiFi library should I use with the Raspberry Pi Pico W?

I have have acquired one of the new-ish Raspberry Pi Pico W boards. In the past I used mostly Atmel and Espressif boards.

  • What would be a capable and easy-to-use library for the new hardware?
  • What is needed: mainly doing http requests (https would be nice).

I tried my luck with WiFiMulti_Generic and WiFiNINA_Generic but not sure if this is the right direction (also, some compile errors may have occurred).

Any hints are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The Arduino-Pico core has a built-in WiFi library for the Pico W, you can use it with PlatformIO as seen in and platform-raspberrypi/examples/arduino-wifi-scan at develop · maxgerhardt/platform-raspberrypi · GitHub.


Ahaa, this is very useful. Thank you, very nice!

Just out of curiosity: I wonder where one would have known about this…