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Where is the board table that was on your website?


I don’t know what happened but the board table has disappeared.

Before, when clicking on boards at the home page (or frameworks), it openead a whole list of boards and frameworks etc… that was very clear and understandable table

But know it opens no list no table anymore, but a github search result of “platforms” (not even a search result of “boards”)


So I don’t understand what’s happening, but it was better before.

Please correct this issue

Where to click to have the board tables (before) / github search result (after)


Indeed, but it was moved to the platforms, e.g., PlatformIO Registry

The overview page and the search interface was much more directly accessible before, now that’s not the case anymore so I agree. Now one has to to do a search for the platform and or the board name, then filter for ‘platforms’, click on the platform, then on ‘boards’ and then on the magnifying glass icon to get the search field. That’s a lot of steps compared to the search interface before, the webpage would allow you to directly search for a board name on all platforms.

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What was your main use case for “Boards” page?

For me at least, looking up the board = ... name needed for a particular board name when manually creating a project on the CLI or expanding an exsisting project’s platformio.ini by a new build environment. I can now remember the most important ones I work by heart, but I doubt users between the beginner and intermediary level (that would want to do the thing above) will know where to find those esp32dev, genericSTM32F103CB, atmega2560 names etc. easily.

It was also a quick way to get to the documentation page of a board.

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The main use case was to have the whole listing of boards supported by PlatformIO and their frameworks/RTOS/etc…

The table that was there before was excellent

I totally agree with this, PlatformIO has a good documentation within, and the board table was a quick way to get to the documentaiton page

I don’t really understand this new PlatformIO Registry we have only Atmel/AVR on it… these are not the same columns

Which columns are missing?

Please file a feature request here

For me at least, looking up the board = ... name needed for

You can do this with the new registry when moving the cursor to the board’s line:
Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 18.42.24

It was also a quick way to get to the documentation page of a board.

We kept this functionality, please click on the board name.

P.S: We removed that page because you can now search for the boards using a generic search bar. Try AT90CAN64.

I also miss the standalone boards browser. I used it to understand board families, manufacturers and the extent of support in PlatformIO for a given board or CPU.

I hope it comes back.

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I’m not sure if new users will know this. The hints for what is searchable in regards to the old library searcher have also gone away. (e.g.: header:"library.h", framework:arduino) etc. I’d say for new users its not obvious that a board is searchable in the package registry.

Do you mean search examples?

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 21.09.52

I’d say for new users its not obvious that a board is searchable in the package registry.

Should we add a search example with a board to that “examples” list?

P.S: We will discuss internally the independent “Boards” page and location for it. Thanks.

Oh you’re right, that little button was quite hidden but does reveal the info on the original page which was by-default visible previously.

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Many times we need to browse the supported tables in PlatformIO before choosing one for our project. Using a generic search bar is not practical for this.


I don’t really understand this registry, it is not what I was searching for. Plus, this registry is segmented into different platforms, so we find data only for one type of boards. But the table that was here before includes all global data about supported boards by PlatformIO.

Please revert this table back. It’s a crucial table for having an idea for beginning projects.

this page is not well organised we click on “boards” in the home page and it opens page with:



etc… I don’t undesrtand to what it refers to, but this is not a list of boards

I’ve just tried this button, it is not easy to use you have to choose a filter…, it is not quite understandable

The legacy “Boards” functionality is still available in PlatformIO. Please open PlatformIO Home in IDE or via pio home and navigate to the “Boards” tab. We will think on the “Boards” page in the registry frontend.

Thanks for info, I’ll check that.

However we still need the same table that was there in the homepage (accessible from desktop web browser), because we could have to use it before beginning a new project to see what is compatible with platformIO to choose it, or if a selection of boards choosen is compatible with platformIO. And this all before beginning to use PlatformIO via VSCode.

The new form is not very practical, especially for new users (as well as the users which has not used PlatformIO during a long time before like me). Since there’s no table now, a newcomer may have to look for a tutorial of how to use the PlatformIO website… A novice will be lost for sure.

What’s new about this ?