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Where is IwLP Variant option in PlatformIO

Hello Everyone, I’m trying to use IPv6 with my ESP8266 and I’ve success using Android IDE and setting the IwLP Variant to v2 IPv6 Lower Memory but I can’t reuse my code in PlatformIO and I doesn’t found how to set the IwLP Variant in PlatformIO.

The error that I’m receiving while I try to compile my code:

src/main.cpp:61:3: error: 'IP_ADDR6' was not declared in this scope; did you mean 'IP_ADDR4'?
   61 |   IP_ADDR6(&ip6_dns, PP_HTONL(0x20014860UL), PP_HTONL(0x48600000UL), PP_HTONL(0x00000000UL), PP_HTONL(0x00008888UL));
      |   ^~~~~~~~
      |   IP_ADDR4

Does anyone already had this error and found a solution? Thanks

This is all documented right where it should be.