Where is functions/subs list for quick jump

Dear excuse me for such a question…I tried my best to find answer but at last putting it here…
I need to have list of all subs/functions in my selected source file… so I can click a sub in list and quickly reach actual sub in source code. I suppose that it is in the IDE but I could not find.

How about this plugin?

Dear thx, but this not what I want. I want something like this

Hello … any suggestion or this feature missing in platformio?? I do not think it is!

PlatformIO IDE is based on Atom text editor. You can install any packages from its registry. See Sunsetting Atom | The GitHub Blog

Solved! thanks dear.

Which package did you use?

I find Sunsetting Atom | The GitHub Blog

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Yes this one! but is little buggy!!! have to close my code tab and reopen every time to get list… but fulfill my requirements… Thanks!