Where is arduino.h?

There is a bug in the core arduino esp8266 uart library that I need to fix for my project, but I cannot find where platformio is referencing it from.

This is the file I need to change: Arduino/uart.cpp at 584d2f239290ab533fe513ac399ee17091c5f954 · esp8266/Arduino · GitHub

Using macOS. Any hints would be appreciated.

If you do
pio run -t clean
pio run -v
you can see that the uart.cpp file is in

If you want your build to be reproducable you should never modify files in ~/.platformio. Use the scripting capabilities instead that let you replace one source file with another on the fly. See Build Middlewares — PlatformIO latest documentation the replace_node_with_another example.

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Thanks for the tip.

I will submit a PR to the arduino core once I fix the bug so hopefully it won’t be an issue.