Where are the MightyCore options?

Hi I am trying to migrate my projects to platfomio from Ardrino IDE as it has many features but the ini config is just awful when you are used to being presented all the valid options in drop downs for your selection. I spend so much of my time googling correct config just to see if it will support the custom pcbs I have made.

Can I please have some help with understanding how the following are handled in platformio I have a custom IOT device that that has the following settings when I compile:
Using MegaCore:

Clock:External 8 mhz
BOD: 1.8v
Pinout: Standard

I found this announcement that you had included MCUdudes core https://community.platformio.org/t/atmel-avr-dev-platform-v1-15-0-new-boards-mcududes-cores/8834
if I follow the links to the 644PA page i can see a variable “board_build.f_cpu” that can be overridden to change the CPU clock but what about Internal versus external clock what pinout (there are three common ones) or BOD etc.

Are these options available?

Thanks in advance for your help,

The PlatformIO.md of the core has all the answers you’re looking for: MightyCore/PlatformIO.md at master · MCUdude/MightyCore · GitHub

(Which is MightyCore btw for the 644PA, MegaCore doesn’t support that chip, only ATmega640)


Fantastic will look now and close if all covered

Thank you

Thank you this is all I need to know for Atmega644pa, MCUdude has done a good job showing all the options. I also use ESP32 and STM32 of several varients are there links to follow from platfomio to find similar I would have thought its needed info for using any MCU?
Will see what I can find also

Oh actually the critical information is also mirrored in the platform’s documentation: Atmel AVR — PlatformIO latest documentation

Generall you’ll want to look at the options for the both the platform (microcontroller platform like ST STM32 or Espressif 32) and your framework options (STM32Duino, Arduino-ESP32, …). Most critical info should be at ST STM32 — PlatformIO latest documentation and Espressif 32 — PlatformIO latest documentation respectively.

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Yes I made the mistake of searching boards I can see now that even the 644ap i was looking for if i went to Platform Atmel AVR it had all I needed there.

OK looks like its time to do some porting :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone

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