Where are all the new STM32 boards?

Hi I have just made the move to PlatformIO from Arduino IDE. I mostly use custom STM32 mcu’s and use the official STM32 Arduino core https://github.com/stm32duino/BoardManagerFiles/raw/master/package_stmicroelectronics_index.json
The latest version (2.0) included many more mcus esp L0 L1, L3 and L4 range. I mostly use the generic ones as I make custom boards for each project but PlatformIO seems to be a long way behind available MCU’s how often do they refresh from the official cores? not having the mcus supported is a show-stopper.

I notice you have recently upgraded STM32cube support is Arduino next?


PlatformIO must create a board definition file (JSON format) to create support for a certain board. Not all STM32Duino listed boards currently have an equivalent in PlatformIO – that’s tracked in Support all boards that the STM32 Arduino core supports · Issue #559 · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub (and was also previously tracked in various smaller per-board issues)

I notice you have recently upgraded STM32cube support is Arduino next?

The used Arduino core in PlatformIO is already the latest stable 2.0.0, those files do not need updating.

This also means that one can write a board definition file and reference the wanted chip variant themselves. An example of that can be found in Nucleo_f446ze does not support Arduino framework. Looking for advice, where support for the “Generic F446ZETx” board is added with one board definition file (which is basically one file copied + two additional entries).

Btw, a lot of the “Lx” boards are listed without “STM32” before them, the “Nucleo L412KB” e.g., so to get those better type “L0” or “L4”. Search through https://platformio.org/boards to confirm that a board does or does not exist in PlatformIO.

Thanks for your quick reply @maxgerhardt, that explains the situation well.
I have in the past created my own stm32 variant for arduino ide for a MCU that they had not yet included it was a ball ache but I followed their wiki here and it did work in the end.
I was really pleased to see that with version 2.0 of their core came support for so many more meaning I had more options already done :slight_smile:
Issue #559 referenced above would be a great solution as ST seems to be driving towards supporting the whole range and manually keeping up would be difficult.
Do you also have a guide to creating a Json from a core supported mcu ?
Thanks again for your help.