When you feel frustrated

Authors contribute their time and knowledge, mostly free of charge. In most cases, there is not a supplier-customer relationship where the supplier is responsible and can be barked at. If you are unhappy with something, you are always free to make it better. Either by having a fork of your own or by cooperating with the others.

Reporting issues, proposals, and questions are good and helps projects. Even constructive criticism with proposals is good. Criticism born out of frustration, like “it all sucks” has no useful function and can be demotivating. Regardless of whether the reason is that there is space for improvement, or the one tries to accomplish tasks far above one’s capabilities or time allowance.

I personally have found PlatformIO great, and better in many respects than Keil, TrueStudio or Arduino IDE. Especially it shines in support to create applications or libraries which can be ported from microcontroller or framework to another. Besides wide range hardware and framework support, I appreciate the integration with Visual Studio code, complete IDE with nice debugging. Still, there is always space for improvement. Development tools covering such a wide range of quickly evolving technology is an ever-evolving project, I would characterize current status as “ready to be used and good for the purpose”.

So when things do not work for you, read the documents and discussions. Post questions. Try again. Almost anything is solvable if people work together.


This is one of the tools which has been well packaged, not leaving out any dependencies atleast for the board I am working on. It has saved lot of time. Support has been fast and fantastic on the forums.